This is what I want for my birthday you guys 

I’m not greedy, I’d be happy with just one. oh hell who am I kidding I WANT BOTH

I AM greedy.  I want the rest of the team too.

Fuck that. I’ll take the team and their girlfriends. Nothing sexier than submitting couples. 

Any fuck hole that wants to look more attractive for their Dominant need only to cover their face in cum.


Preparing the fag to be mounded by practicing forcing its balls up into its body.  Yes, it’s a painful process for the fag.

The surprise and anxiety on this fuck hole’s face is amusing.Seems he hasn’t quite learned that unless a faggot is being led around by his balls, he doesn’t really need them. 

Yeah, I see those panties slut. How about you strip down to them and come help me piss? Oh, I don’t need you to hold my cock. But wouldn’t it be a waste if My piss actually hit the urinal?




Perfect example for “who’s the fag?”  The guy on the left is obviously the inferior fag!  He keeps watching his buddy’s cock and then lets him cum on him.  He’s probably mad that he didn’t get that alpha load on his face.  Now the other guy should have recognized this and taken advantage of the fag - so he’s not a complete alpha…yet!

Love your analysis and think you are correct. In the first two frames, the other guy can’t take his eyes off his buddy’s cock.  He’s definitely the fag.

Alpha wants to cum. Inferior guy wants cum.

To me this shows far more Dominance than cumming on the faggot’s face. It isn’t about what the bitch wants. 

The look on that fuck hole’s face is perfect.

When you asked if I’d take you and your friend to dinner, did you imagine it just like this?

For every Superior’s clean home, there’s an eager fuck slut licking it all spotless.

Anonymous asked: just wanted to mention something is wrong (at least for me) with your page - I can't scroll through it - there is no scroll bar on the right side of the page. Don't have the prob with any other tumblr pages.

There is. Its black. After a certain point, you use the arrows. It takes a hell of an inferior to use the anon for pointless bitching.

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The lighter side of D/s relationships. Rare, but occasionally the inferior is special enough to make the Superior seek something other than a tight fuck hole and someone to do their laundry.